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About project:BDR

BDR breaking it down after a hard day hitting the cones

So, sometime around November 2003, Jake and I were sitting around watching Best Motoring or something. We were talking about making the autocross people a slightly more formal group. The idea was to have a schedule, get people to come out, and stick to it. Hopefully we do well. Maybe we make magnets. I suggested (semi jokingly) “Butt Dyno Racing”. Jake liked the idea, Chris liked the idea. So it stuck. It was quickly abbreviated to BDR. project: BDR is just a fancier sounding name.

What does this mean for you? If you plan on autocrossing with any regularity, and want to join teh team, just let me know. The only requirement is that you actually show up to events. Don’t care about make/model/class/skill/etc etc. All this means is, you get listed on the website, and maybe a BDR sticker/magnet someday (soon!) ;) Best raw time of the day gets free pizza at Uno’s afterwards. And we can all help each other with tips, ridealongs, help with tire/wheel changes, etc etc.

The longer-term goal is creating an organization that’s capable of hosting autocrosses, joining the local autocross Council, and generally becoming a batch of pretty good, respected autocrossers. I stress that the Council/hosting thing is a very LONG term goal. In the short term, it just means going to autocrosses and maybe grabbing food afterwards.

Thanks for the interest.–John

P.S. Thanks to Liz, schlegelbagel, for the logo!