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Nurburgring HOWTO

(This is a work in progress) 

My experience:

Other folks’ experience:

  • sti robot
  • Mach V Dan
  • ToddStratton

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How do you get there?

Frankfurt + rental car is an easy way. It’s also quite close to Belgium.

Where do you rent a car?

You have a few options:

* Rent some beater.

* Rent a nice car.

* Rent a race car.

What is the passing protocol?

Always pass on the left! If you are being passed, lift (if possible/necessary) and get over to the right as much as you can. Some folks turn their right turn signal on when being passed so that the pass-er knows that you are getting out of the way.

What can I do to get ready?

There are a few ways.

1. Get it out of your head that you’re going to be fast the first time. You’re not. It’s really damned long and has a lot of turns. A typical road course in the US is 2 to 4 miles and has something like 10-14 turns. The Nurburgring has 13 miles worth of turns with massive elevation changes. Finding a way around without hitting anything should be your number one priority.

2. There are a ton of videos out there. One of the best is John Felstead’s DVD.