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Hypothetical, Very Unofficial, Just For Fun, Don’t Take This Seriously, Might be Totally Wrong CDC PAX Results

Once again in 2008, project:BDR will be keeping track of hypothetical, very unofficial, just for fun, don’t take this seriously, might be totally wrong, PAX results for the Capital Driving Club events.

As the title indicates, these are not scientific and may be totally wrong. People switch cars sometimes, people may not be running their cars in 100% SCCA legal trim, etc etc. A link to the full disclaimer is at the bottom of the page.


People who run cars that are prepped for an SCCA class:

  • John W: WRX: STX ; MR2: ES
  • Ben J: Evo: STU
  • Slava B: MR2: STS2
  • Meilyng WB: MR2: STS2
  • Ed O: Miata: CSP
  • Pete: S2000: AS
  • Ted: Boxster: AS
  • Denise: Boxster: AS
  • FredK: Cobra: XP
  • Wade C: Cobra: XP
  • Travis: Saturn/Subaru: STS (sometimes DSP)
  • Mark A: WRX: STU
  • Al K: WRX: STU
  • Justin N: STi: STU
  • Eduardo: WRX: DS
  • Brian K: Civic: SM
  • Vell: STi: STU
  • Mike M: Suxass: SM
  • Jake M: Suxass: SM
  • Dan: Suxass: SM
  • Bryan: Miata: CSP?
  • Dek: Saabaru: STX
  • Andy DrSeuss: Civic: SM
  • Laurance C: Cobra?: XP
  • Jim H: Mini: STX
  • Dan/PGT: Mini: SM
  • Dave: Super-Focus: SM
  • Flip: Scirocco: SM
  • Zac R: Miata: CSP
  • Ben L: Cobra: XP
  • Gonz: Mustang: ESP
  • Chris Cutaway: Noble: XP?
  • more coming…

The 2008 SCCA PAX can be found here.

What is all this PAX stuff anyway?

SCCA breaks its autocross down into a bunch of classes, aiming to have even competition across many makes and models. The progression goes something like this:

Stock -> Street Touring -> Street Prepared -> Street Modified -> Prepared -> Modified

There are a lot of rules but the system is actually easy to follow once you get used to it. If you are interested in being listed in the CDC PAX results but you are not sure what class you’re in, drop me a PM on the CDC forums (ButtDyno) and I can help you figure out what class you’re in. The rulebook can be downloaded from here.

Man, this SCCA stuff is complicated! How do you guys enjoy autocross with all these rules?

It’s not so bad. What it loses by being complex, it makes up for in creating parity. The Cumberland autox series uses it and those events are totally low key and laid back. And for that matter, so are SCCA events everywhere else! Whether you want to prepare your car for a specific set of rules and try to be competitive in that class, or whether you just want to do whatever you want to your car and autocross for pure fun – you can do either at an SCCA event.

Full Disclaimer: click here